Our Process

Here's How it works

When you close a loan with us you’re ensuring certainty of execution and a speedy closing!


loan application

Immediate Loan Approval

​​​​​​​Call us for an over the phone loan approval or send in a loan application. We'll underwrite the loan for you on the spot and tell you exactly how well finance your loan.


closing on a loan

Pre-Closing Documents

Send over all pre-closing documents for our closing specialist to review.


traffic light

Get the Green Light

If anything is missing, especially if you're looking to close quickly one of our Closing Specialists will reach out to you to collect anything missing, or confirm we've received everything necessary. We're here in it with you, ensuring together that this loan closes.



Schedule the closing for as soon as that same day

Our closing specialist coordinates everything with all necessary parties and title companies to ensure everything is ready, and everyone knows before hand what to expect prior to reaching the closing table.
Call us now at (516) 439-4920 for a pre-approval letter!

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